How Oxygen Concentrators Can Help Improve Your Life

An oxygen concentrator is a device that separates oxygen in the room air and provides it to the individual in a substantially greater concentration than that accessible in ambient atmosphere. This system is a much more affordable option in comparison with utilizing liquid oxygen and it does away with needing to receive a continuous re-supply of oxygen tanks. Furthermore, these don’t run the risk of leaking or causing fires or explosions, which makes them significantly more popular than every other hitherto commonly employed systems.

How it Works

The system is made up of two zeolite towers which are full of aluminum silicate. When room atmosphere, which is made up of 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen along with 10% various electrons, is compressed and pumped to those zeolite towers, the aluminum silicate absorbs the gas and vents it out via the towers. The pure oxygen is pumped into a storage tank and stored there until it’s required by the individual.

There are two sorts of systems- the static system as well as the cellular system,. Both of these are capable of functioning on traditional power sources in addition to on batteries. The mobile devices may also be plugged to a car DC adaptor and have been accepted by the FAA to be used on commercial airlines.

Who wants Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen concentrators are a valuable aid for anyone experiencing acute COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Any individual suffering from COPD wouldn’t be receiving enough oxygen while breathing and is more very likely to have quite low levels of oxygen from the blood.

How it Helps

For anybody with acute COPD, the supplemental oxygen that’s provided although the this device not only helps them move about their daily tasks without the corresponding shortness of breath but in addition, it enhances alertness throughout the daytime and enhances the quality and amount of sleep during the night.

Oxygen Concentrators Today

The gear of today is a lot more advanced when compared with their predecessors. Newer devices are lighter and smaller, allowing for more freedom whilst traveling. Moreover, with the support of both medicare and insurance, they are getting to be more and more affordable to a larger number of individuals suffering from COPD.

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